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Things are picking up...

It’s been a cool couple of weeks, hey.

Did some Enneagram coaching, training in Durbs and Joburg on Strategy, even a departure to Kenya later today. I had some killer videos lined up talking about everything from how Budweiser and Castle both really understand their Brand Promise and their Core Customer, to how Nandos differentiates in the market and Kulula shamelessly copied the Southwest model.

I even gave the Guptas (great long-term planners), Rassie (great short-term strategist) and Dubai some airplay. One of the decks I’m finalizing for our coaching business is the One Day Retreat process perfect for this time of the year. A couple of hours spent on reflection on the year that was, accomplishments pain points highlights lowlights and the emotional rollercoaster that has been the tail end of the pandemic craze. The middle, which touches on my favourite 7 Habits Methodology to anchoring accountability, vision and values-based priority frameworks. And the end, which is a concrete and actionable 1-year plan that can get you moving in the right direction for 2022. This is exciting stuff. We’ve had a helluva ride these last 18 months, but after some false dawns, I think the world is about ready to go nuts in terms of opportunity, growth and new beginnings. On a personal level, my biggest challenge is what walks and courses to offer. We’re doing a fully catered Whale Trail (very exciting), a couple more Otters and maybe even the Amatola in Hogsback.

But do I finally get the chance to put on a Camino? Is it time? Or even Kili again? Or shall I be selfish and go back to my happy place in Spain all by myself, to recharge those batteries before I take a group along? Or maybe even say this is the year to hike Mont Blanc. No time like the present right? Or do I do none of that stuff because of the glorious opportunity of some real momentum round the coaching and book stuff… From starving for months to a glorious buffet. It’s a nice problem to have, so many options. I hope you also feel this way. There’s an aroma of excited renewal in the air. No, and it’s not my sinuses acting up. Lean into it, enjoy it. It’s time to rock and roll.

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