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The Camino: Picture the Cathedral

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

"Build it, and he will come" - Field of Dreams

When you walk the Camino, you don’t always arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Some pilgrims walk the first week, the last week, the middle…over and over again, without fussing over reaching the end.

You see, the destination isn’t important. It gives you a place to go to, and a route to get there. And some markers along the way.

But there are other variables. What if you slow down because of injury? Or maybe because you meet some people along the way that are at a slower pace but spending time with them is greater reward than keeping pace? What if you speed up because someone convinces you to ride some of the way? The Camino is a magical experience. If you remember to savour the moments of the journey – and aren’t too hung up on the plan.

Good to have a plan, though.

I had one. I had a timeline, a destination, and I executed my plan perfectly. And afterwards, I wondered if I had made the right calls. Should I have slowed down to keep on walking with David, Ana, Andrea and the many other friends that I had come to love over the first two weeks? Knowing that, by doing that, I would have an incredible deepening of friendships but probably have to leave them 2 or 3 days before actually getting to Santiago - and go home without "completing" the trip?

Should I have sped up with the two girls from Italy and walked straight past all the way to Finisterre? Would there have been more amazing joint cooking, laughing and joking meals? Or was my decision to go slower, savour every moment as I ended at Santiago, the right one? As it was, I ended up walking into the Cathedral courtyard by myself.

I had a fixed idea of what the walk would look like, and I stuck to it. And now, I'm not so sure if that was the right call.

With our Workbook, we try to help you with the plan. We’ll fix the cathedral – your birthday party, at some distant point in the future.

We’ll anchor a closer point on the route – 3 years from now, and what that looks like.

Then we’ll see if your current habits, focus and discipline will get you there – and if not, some work on where to reallocate resources and attention. We’ll also spend some time on your personal energy – we tend to get lost in service to others.

And finally, we'll anchor the one big thing for the next 12 months - and who's going to help you get there.

And all for the purpose of helping you set up a destination...but also knowing that you must enjoy the route, and make adjustments as you go along...

Download our workbook here.

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