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Otter Trail Men's Walk - 11-15 June 2020

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The Otter trail is officially the oldest and undoubtedly the most iconic hiking trail in South Africa. The trail, which runs along the spectacular coastline between the Storms River mouth and Nature’s Valley, was opened in 1968 and is considered one of the finest multi-day trails in the world. It is named after the shy, mostly nocturnal, Cape Clawless Otter which inhabits the estuaries and streams of the South African coast.


Day 1: Disengagement, Grounding and Reengaging

Day 2: Partner Walk. Enquiry and Reflection

Day 3: Solo walk. Going within

Day 4: Group walk. Cleansing ceremony

Day 5: Anchoring on the beach. Footsteps of intent. Re-entering.



11-15 June 2020

R4,500 per man

Includes Transport from Cape Town (leaving 10 June), food packs and park fees.


10 JUNE 2020

Cape Town-Plett drive (8am from Vredehoek). 2pm in George for those who want to fly up and meet. Overnight River Club Plettenberg Bay.

11 JUNE 2020

Drive to Tsitsikamma Park Gate. 10am meet.

Disengagement, Grounding and Reengaging.

Distribute Food Packs. 4.8km walk to Ngubu.

12 JUNE 2020

Partner Walk. Enquiry and Reflection.

7.9km to Scott.

13 JUNE 2020

Solo Walk. Going Within.

7.7km to Oakhurst.

14 JUNE 2020

Group walk. Cleansing ceremony.

13.8km to Andre (10km to Stormsriver, crossing planned for 3-4pm).

15 JUNE 2020

Anchoring on the beach. Footsteps of intent. Re-entering.

10.8km to De Vasselot. We will pass George Airport before 3pm. Back in Cape Town 9pm.

Food packs:

We will pre-purchase breakfast, lunch and dinner and distribute amongst the group at the start. This will include a couple of energy bars per person daily. Other snacks, water purifiers and energy drink mix are not included. Please note you are free to bring alcohol, but the intent of the walk is to do process work and we intend to only have alcohol at dinner on day 4. Please do let us know if you have specific dietary requirements.

Other packing:

· The weather is moderate, but it is winter, so a decent sleeping bag is recommended.

· Rain gear and waterproof shoes are also normally a good idea in case of rain.

· A walking stick could come in handy.

· We will supply bags and tie binders for the river crossing. We will also carry a first aid kit.

· And some earplugs for the snorers that might be wise.

· We will also bring cooking pots and pans – you are required to bring your own plate, bowl, cutlery (spoon knife fork) and mug for coffee and drinks.

Process work:

Clive and Pieter are tourism professionals and hiking enthusiasts. We are also fans of process work learned in the Entrepreneurs Organization and the Mankind Project. As such, a gentle but powerful daily process of mindfulness and setting intention will be followed in the morning and evenings. This will require respecting technology abstinence at mealtimes and full engagement with the group work.


The Otter is a tough but rewarding walk. You will be carrying 10-15kgs of gear so it is recommended to do some hiking with your backpack leading up to the walk. A couple of hikes up Lions Head weekly (one with a heavyish backpack) should do it. Also note that there are a couple of tricky sections and the river crossing can be quite hairy. Its all part of the adventure though, should it be too taxing there are emergency exits out of the route.

Sign up and payment:

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to participate (R2250). Balance of payment required on 1 May 2020. Should you be unable to come on the walk due to personal reasons, we will endeavor to fill your spot with a like-minded individual and facilitate a refund.

Booking steps:

1. Fill out booking form by clicking here

2. Send me email to confirm attendance

3. Receive Invoice for deposit and 50% payment link by credit card (you can also eft)

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