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On Coaching

Let’s frame the way a coaching mindset can benefit Jamie B, fictional rockstar entrepreneur, with a high growth company and a niche offering.

This is called the PIXAR Pitch, the way every single big successful Pixar movie was framed.

1. Once upon a time, Jamie B was frustrated with the time she was spending on admin.

2. Every day, instead of seeing customers which she loved, she was processing menial tasks such as paying suppliers.

3. One day, she decided to spend some time coaching an employee how to do those menial tasks on her behalf.

4. Because of that, she had to learn to listen and let people solve their own problems instead of doing it for them.

5. Because of that, she was able to start delegating those tasks and free up time to work on the things she loved doing.

6. Until finally, she was able to scale her business through establishing a coaching culture where she was not a bottleneck.

MANAGERS analyse, problem solve and listen through their own lens and framework.

LEADERS listen, paraphrase but don’t analyse - and allow for uncomfortable silences where people can find solutions for themselves.


What I hear you saying is…

Tell me more about that?

What other options do you have?

What are your next steps?


Pick a subject you are struggling with. Get a coach to talk you through it and have someone observe you. Do this for 30 minutes, switching roles every 10 minutes.

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