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Do you have someone in your life with an elevated BS detector? You know, that person who you can count on to be loyal to you, and suspicious of things where they don’t have enough information?

The Loyal Sceptic has the following self-talk:

“The world is a threatening and unsafe place. Be prepared. Be loyal. People can count on me. Be careful who you trust. I must not be afraid, but I must not let my guard down. I must protect myself, but I must be loyal ”

The good news is that they are devoted. You absolutely want this person as your social cause campaigner, your trusted confidant. They are courageous, they fight for the greater good. On a personal level, they are risk-averse and will guard the gates to danger for you, even if you – like me – are prone to charging ahead and take the consequences later.

They thrive in a healthy team environment as well and enjoy playing with others.

Just be warned – these folks tend to focus on what can go wrong, and may be too tentative and cautious when some risk-taking is required. Also, they can be perceived as negative and pessimistic, so maybe not your front-of-line cheerleader when the chips are down.

It’s a bit of a conundrum for them, hey. 6s are always trying to avoid situations where their ability could be questioned – but, as a result, others might misconstrue their caution and worry as inability.

Also, even though they are completely trustworthy, their negative and distrustful forms of expression will lead to others, in turn, not trusting them completely.

Where does the Inner Impostor show up? Well, these guys actually don’t deal with this pesky passenger much, preferring to project fears and insecurities onto others around them instead of going internal. The work, therefore, is to look deeper inside and then use that awareness to moderate the external comms.

A 6 will do well to stretch to the 3, the competitive achiever, as a way to overcome their cautious approach.

Good stuff. Next week is ME! The 7…the Enthusiastic Visionary. Unsurprisingly, I am pumped about writing that one! See you then…

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