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Kili is many things. It is the midnight view of the summit from your tent, it is the camaraderie, it is the effort of the final push, it is the discomfort at altitude, it is the learningof a new way of being–where going slower is your biggest takeaway. Many people have found their lives transformed after going to the roof of Africa. Is it your turn? Pole pole. Let’s go!


No of days: 7 (6 overnight stays)

Distance: 62km (Strenuous)

Required: Decent Sleeping bag, proper hiking boots

Highlights: Summiting to the roof of Africa

Included: All meals, accommodation, and transfers

Image by Brendan Stephens


Process work

Clive and Pieter are tourism professionals and hiking enthusiasts. They are also fans of process work learned in the Entrepreneurs' Organization and the Mankind Project. As such, a gentle but powerful daily process of mindfulness and setting intention will be followed in the morning and evenings. This will require respecting technology abstinence at mealtimes and full engagement with the group work.

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