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The first switch came in the Cederberg. Reading Stephen Covey while sitting by a stream in the mountains, PG Geldenhuys realized it was time to stop blaming, and start taking responsibility. A few years later, a second penny dropped on the Inca Trail, where he finally got a grip on his relationship with spirituality and religion. And so it went. Kilimanjaro, the Camino, Nepal, the Otter Trail, the Whale Trail...every time he hit a block, he went for a walk. And managed to move on.


There is something to connecting with nature, stripping away comforts and taking the time for authentic connection and reflection. It’s a gift that ShoshinWalks, incubated just before the global pandemic of 2020, intends to share with the world. We will do this through Walks of Gratitude, Coaching, and Training on mindful intention, and the books and workbooks published under the Shoshin banner. Shoshinis the Japanese word for a beginner’s mindset. It is our mission to spread the message of joy that suchan intention can bring.



Our mission is to help others set intention. We do this through a few simple rules that govern our behaviour. They are handed down generationally, borrowed from other smart people, and have proved timeless and appropriate even as our business has evolved over the last decade. From a transport operator to a luxury safari agency to a training NGO to a retreat and facilitation organization, these are the values that have helped us provide authentic experiences while minding thedetails.It is our intention to: Underpromise and over deliver. Adhere to the principles of the bag of potatoes. Follow the Golden Rule, Always strive to do “not my job”.We encourage all our clients, friends, and stakeholders to hold usaccountable for these values. As humans, we slip and fall. But it’s how we pick ourselves back up that is important.




PG Geldenhuys

"The mountains are my happy place. I can't wait till my boys are old enough to come with me."


Clive de Bruyne

"Walking in nature nourishes my soul and brings perspective to my life."


Carel van der Colff

"Being outdoors, experiencing life, sharing knowledge and learning from others, I think is the best way to be who you are."


Abby Saayman

"It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things"


Experiences from Tripadvisor clients

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Our luxury Africa travel business is Classic Escapes. With over 20 years experience, Caroline and the team’s differentiation is the relationship with the various lodges and suppliers. Staying close to what’s happening on the ground means our clients have an unrivaled personalized experience. This allows us to fulfill the brand promise of Classics: To not only provide a luxury African holiday but to ensure that we Choreograph Connection. Click below for the Classic Escapes Website and Testimonials.   

Classic Escapes
Tourism Bootcamp


Since 2017, we have served as the operational sponsor for Tourism Bootcamp, our Non-Profit Training program. We have trained and placed dozens of interns who otherwise would have struggled to enter the tourism job market due to a lack of demographic access and practical experience. Bootcamp is currently re-inventing itself in the wake of the global pandemic, to focus on instilling a culture of intentional gratitude at a high school level through day walks in local communities.


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